Corporate Social Responsibility

To bring in social and economic enhancement into the communities that deserve to be given opportunities to prosper. We believe in creating opportunities for people to earn a dignified living, gain international exposure and return to their communities with enhanced skills.

U: Recruit & Careers adheres to a policy of actively contributing to the social and economic development of communities in which our business operate. Through all our services, we strive to build a better, sustainable way of life for every place we work in. We believe our services offer unique opportunities in India and abroad that will in turn help raise the human development index and the standard of living in weaker sections of the society.

By helping in counselling and training local and rural workers, U: Recruit & Careers supports local economic growth and fair trade practices. We believe in a strict ethical code where there is no exploitation. We ensure that customized guidance and training is given to each candidate appropriate to their individual requirements.

U: Recruit & Careers strictly follows the philosophy and practices of Ethical Marketing. We respect our candidates and believe everyone deserves a successful career and future. We do not believe in manipulation and false advertising to candidates. We treat employees, candidates, clients and other agencies fairly and ethically, paying special attention to the labor laws in each country.

Thinking and acting in a socially responsible manner is a mindset our company cultivates on a daily basis. It is our goal to share this vision with the candidates, clients and companies we work with.

Our offices and work-spaces are committed to environmental sustainability- we ensure every employee is educated in matters of recycling, waste and water management, reusable materials, 'greener' supply chains and reducing the use of paper. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint for the good of the company and society as a whole.

Our core business is to counsel & train for job requirements across the globe. Our team of dedicated International Resources Specialists work diligently to prepare you for International career opportunities


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